Change will take exactly as long as you think it will. -Tom Peters. Remember, without a plan, it's just work.

T. Lee Oreskovich, Owner of Custom Hearing Solutions:

“I’ve been working with Jim for about a year now there are several things that I love about having him coach me in the business. I think one of the most valuable assets has been  having someone there with business experience to help you make decisions. As a small business owner a lot of times I would not make a decision because I wasn’t confident it was the right direction to go.

Jim has also helped me grow custom hearing into a business that not only making more money but we’re also setting up systems so I do not have to be at the business for it to operate. That is a huge difference from where we were when I started with him.

If your a small business struggling with revenue or time I strongly recommend you sit down with Jim and hear what he has to say.”


Annastasia Webster, Owner of Webster Digital Marketing, Omaha:

“Jim Barger and Action Coaching have really made a difference in the way I think about my business. His class has given me a road map to get my business where I want it to be with the least amount of trial-and-error. I really feel that, thanks his teachings, I have the knowledge I need to avoid some of the pitfalls many businesses experience as my company grows. I would highly recommend Jim to any business.”


Pete Curtis, Owner of Mountain Peak Home Improvements, Omaha:

“I’ve enjoyed the privilege of attending the Action Coach business training seminars taught by Jim, and I am convinced this is some of the best coaching any small business owner will ever receive. Jim is a great teacher and the lessons and materials are awesome. 

I recommend every business owner interested in taking his or her business to the next level enroll in Jim’s classes as soon as possible. You will find it to be one of the best investments you have ever made.”


Josh Reeves, Owner of Midwest Lightscaping, Omaha:

“I want to thank Jim Barger with Action Coach for his time and efforts. The combination of his classroom lessons and our one-on-one time gave me some invaluable tools to help me grow my business. By forcing myself out of the day-to-day work schedule for a few hours a month with Action Coach to work “on” my business, instead of “in” my business, I was able to see the things that needed improvement and find real solutions. From setting goals- to sales processes- to hiring new employees, Jim was always pushing and challenging me to be better. He is a great resource and mentor. My investment in Action Coach has proven to be one of the smartest things I’ve done, and it shows in our 150% growth year-to-date! I’d recommend Jim to anyone- and I have many times! Thanks, Jim!”