About Jim Barger

Change will take exactly as long as you think it will. -Tom Peters. Remember, without a plan, it's just work.
Introducing Jim Barger

I am a certified Business Coach with ActionCOACH in Omaha, Nebraska. ActionCOACH is the World’s #1 Business Coaching Franchise (Entrepreneur Magazine, 2009 – 2005). I provide business advice in the Omaha, Council Bluffs and Lincoln markets. More than a business consultant, I will help you identify your opportunities and teach you how to accomplish them.

As your business coach, I will be helping your business in five key areas. The emphasis on each area depends on your needs, the type of business you have, and your goals. The key areas are: Sales; Marketing & Advertising; Team Building & Recruitment; Systems & Business Development; and Customer Service.
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My goal is to help small business owners in Omaha, such as yourself, spend less time working in your business and more time working on your business. In the end, you’ll be spending less total time working and will be making more money. I’d also like to help you put the FUN back in your business and your life.
As a small business owner myself, I know what it is like to worry about the day-to-day survival of the business and making the amount of money needed to run my business and personal life. I understand what it’s like to put in long hours and wonder what happened to the dreams and vision I had for my life and future.

I’m here to help you change all of that. We’ll work together to redefine your dreams and vision, and then we’ll put into place the necessary systems, strategies, and tactics that will allow you to turn your business venture into a thriving, successful one. By providing business advice and help, I can help you think through the critical issues facing you and your business. More than a business consultant, I can help you clarify your role as a business owner whose business works for you.
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We define a successful business as: a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you. As your Business Coach, I will function as an unreasonable friend who tells it like it is and keeps you working on the path toward your dreams.

There is no time like the present, right now, to get started on your dreams and goals. If you’re ready to move your Omaha, Lincoln or Council Bluffs business to the next level, contact me today for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation. Find out how you can change the way you do business to achieve the results you deserve!

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