Hello, It seems your page needs to be setup

You forgot to set your home page on the settings.

Hello Coach,

It seems you've just started with working on your ActionCOACH coach site, Business Coaching – Jim Barger. If you are seeing this page, you may have a problem with your settings, but don't worry!

You can easily fix this on your own by following these simple steps:

  1. Login to your admin dashboard
  2. Go to Pages
  3. If you have't setup a page yet, Click the button that says Add New
  4. If you have a page already setup, ignore the step above, and move to the next one below
  5. On the Right panel, seek the Page Attributes settings, and under Page template, select Front Page
  6. Edit your Front Page to your desire, then move on to the next step
  7. Save your page by clicking the Publish button located on the upper right settings panel
  8. Next, go to Settings -> Reading
  9. On the settings that says Front page displays, set yours to Static
  10. Select the Page you just created that uses the Front-Page Template.
  11. Save your Settings.

Your Front Page is now set-up! (You won't be seeing this page now, unless you did something wrong. If so, then please contact ActionCOACH DevOps).